The Certified Angus Beef  ® brand is celebrating its 40th anniversary in a big way. How big, you ask? Well, as big as a barn! We are honoring our ranching heritage by painting our logo on not just one farm icon, but 40, and we need your help in finding the best ones.

Does your barn have what it takes?

The ideal barn has:

  • A location with visibility from the nearby road and is accessible for the Barn Artist and his equipment
  • An exterior in good condition with preference to wood siding, but other materials will be considered

What happens if we choose your barn?

If you asked our logo what it was like to be famous, it would tell you that it is not as easy as it looks. With great fame comes even greater responsibility, so we want you to be prepared.

  • The Barn Artist will remain on property throughout the painting process (1-3 days). He travels with his own mobile housing and equipment.
  • The barn-painting schedule will be determined according to location and regional weather conditions, spanning from January through October 2018.
  • Once the painting is complete, you will likely notice extra admiration of your barn. Travelers from near and far may begin stopping by to view, or even take pictures, of the new monument.
  • You may experience interest from local media. The Certified Angus Beef  ® brand team will assist with any media inquiries.
  • We are excited to provide the opportunity and honor of displaying our pride and joy on your own pride and joy!

Get to Know the Barn Artist.

Scott Hagan began his career as the Barn Artist by painting sport teams’ logos on barns in Belmont County, Ohio. A photograph of one such emblem, The Ohio State University Buckeye logo, on his family’s barn led to his big break: the painting of all 88 barns for Ohio’s bicentennial celebration. Because of his talent, passion and experience, the Certified Angus Beef  ® brand team is excited to work with Scott in embellishing barns across the country.

How does he do it?
Scott does the majority of his work by freehand, assisted by carpenter’s crayons, oversized rulers, and handmade scaffolding and tools. The process generally takes 1-3 days and 3-15 gallons of paint, depending on the condition of the building.

How did he learn to paint barns?
If you have seen Mail Pouch logos, then you have seen the work of Harley Warrick, Scott’s former neighbor and mentor. Scott says Harley showed him all of the ins and outs of barn painting before he passed away in 2000. Today, Scott still uses Harley’s plank as part of the scaffolding and his stories as motivation.

Who has taken notice?
Beside the countless amount of people who view his artistic talents on a daily basis, media, such as Out Here, Country Magazine, Ohio Magazine, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and Ripley’s Believe It or Not, have featured Scott in articles and more, making him the famous barn artist from Jerusalem, Ohio.

The Certified Angus Beef  ® brand is thrilled to support Scott’s goal to venture outside of the state of Ohio to paint at least one item in each state – a further extension of his passion for highlighting sports teams, company logos and other images people can enjoy without leaving the comfort of their car or home.

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