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Baldwin Angus Baldwin Angus
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A boy, his bicycle and a paper route

LeRoy Baldwin was six years old when he began delivering newspapers. The little boy was determined to have a cow herd of his own. The young entrepreneur upgraded his bicycle to a pony that carried him from house to house. Before long, young Leroy had saved enough to buy his first Angus cattle. Read the full story in the book.

Five Star Land & Livestock Five Star Land & Livestock
Greetings from Five Star Land & Livestock California

His, hers and theirs, together

If the barn at Five Star Land & Livestock had a tagline, “his, hers and theirs” might be it. Mark and Abbie Nelson were married in 1984, a union that blended two families including kids, cattle and dreams. Mark tells his side of the story with an ironic smirk: his bride had better cattle, so he sold his and they kept hers. For more, order the book.

Yon Family Farms Yon Family Farms
Greetings from Yon Family Farms South Carolina

The rest stop that changed the future

A leisurely Sunday afternoon drive resulted in a new future for a South Carolina family. Kevin and Lydia Yon had no idea their future would be altered by a random gas station conversation. Decades later, Yon Family Farms is a inspirational story in our book about American barns.

Sheltering Generations – The American Barn

A permanent icon of the American countryside the images and stories in this book document the role of the American barn on farms and ranches across the U.S. (100% of book sales benefit the Rural Relief Fund, providing aid to rural communities when their livelihood is threatened by natural disaster).

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