For the farming and ranching families behind the best beef, respect isn’t an afterthought. Respect is everything. Respect for the cattle. Respect for the land. Respect for delivering the best beef for your tables.

High-Quality Beef. High-Quality Care.

High-quality beef doesn’t just happen. It’s a way of life for the family farmers and ranchers raising Certified Angus Beef ®, prioritizing the best animal care for Angus cattle. These families are dedicated to their herds, making cattle care and animal welfare their top priority. They are committed to raising the best beef, the right way.

Shannon Wharton

Our animals are our number one priority at this place. They’re our livelihood. That’s why we do what we do. It’s our duty to take the best care that we can of them. Beef Quality Assurance is our way of assuring that the animals are raised properly to the best of our ability and producing the highest-quality product that we can.Shannon Wharton, Wharton 3C Cattle, Kansas

Sysco Cares about Our Family Farms

Sysco’s investment in the Certified Angus Beef cattle care partnership, Raised with Respect™, is sustaining family farms for the future. The partnership shares the work farmers and ranchers have done for generations to provide care for their animals and delivers updated Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certifications to build trust with consumers for the future.


Buy the best beef from a supplier who cares: Sysco.

Raised with Respect. Backed by BQA.

  • cattle iconThe best beef is raised the right way.
  • cattle iconBQA is a national certification standard for cattle care.
  • cattle iconBQA ensures best practices in animal handling, animal care, and responsible antibiotic use.

Sysco and Certified Angus Beef are providing BQA trainings in 9 states to support family farms and ranchers.

Our goal is to certify 1,000 farmers and ranchers in 2024.


Our Commitment

Raised with Respect™ is a campaign brought to you by Sysco and Certified Angus Beef to highlight the shared commitment to support farmers, ranchers and the entire beef community. By investing in BQA trainings, this partnership elevates the cattle industry’s work to address consumer concerns, reinforce trust, and ensure the future of the family farm and ranch for generations to come.

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