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Brisket—it’s exotic, versatile, flavorful and ideal for feeding a crowd.

Chef Peter

From a classroom in Zimbabwe to the Culinary Institute of America, Chef Peter Rosenberg has cooked at several five-star hotels, including Rosewood’s Bel-Air, The Mansion on Turtle Creek and Remington Hotels, always with an eye for elevating cuisine and enriching fellow chefs. Through his respected catering and consulting business, Chef Peter served Hollywood icons, U.S. presidents and royalty, including Queen Elizabeth II.

What most influences your approach to creating a new dish?

Food culture is the foundation of menu ideation and innovation. Every country has unique spice blends, traditions, specialties and cooking methods. At The Culinary Center, we’re beef-centric, so we include a variety of cuisines and techniques in our daily menus. Short rib, for example, is a cut that I’ve used in traditional, Asian, French, Italian and German preparation styles.

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A thermometer ensures perfection and control. Time and temperature are important guides for accurate cooking and determining carryover cooking temperature.

Chef Peter - Skills

Garlic. Fresh, chopped, roasted, granulated, black, oil … Garlic is the culinary world’s universal DNA.

How do you describe your role as a chef today?

My passion is teaching. My responsibility is sharing knowledge by coaching and encouraging all to not fear failure. Being a chef has allowed me to live and travel the world, make lifelong friends and both impart and gain knowledge. Our profession truly engages all the senses—sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch—and the most important sixth sense: common sense.

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