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Thank You, Farmers and Ranchers

The crew pauses to give thanks to the folks who work tirelessly to put beef on tables around the world. Rancher Matt Perrier stops by to talk about the history and day-to-day operations at Dalebanks Angus in Eureka, Kansas –about 60 miles east of Wichita in the Flint Hills. Also, American Angus Association chief Mark McCully joins the crew to talk about the state of the beef cattle industry, and what the future holds.

Mentioned in the episode: Matt Perrier, @dalebanksangus, Mark McCully, American Angus Association, @angusassoc, @mgmc500, Bryan Schaaf, @schaafbryan, Tony Biggs, @cheftonybiggs, Diana Clark, @BeefMaven

Daniel Vaughn

Guest: Mark McCully

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