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Burger Roundtable

Alvin Cailan, chef and host of First We Feast’s The Burger Show, along with Cleveland chefs Brett Sawyer and Vince Thomascik from The Plum and Good Company and David Kocab from Ushabu, sit down with Bryan to discuss their favorite burgers – locally, regionally and nationally.

Mentioned in the episode: Alvin Cailan, Brett Sawyer, Vince Thomascik, David Kocab, The Plum, Good Company Cleveland, Ushabu, Egg Slut, The Burger Show, First We Feast, Au Cheval, Smyth and the Loyalist, Ace No. 3 Charlotte, Midway Oh Boy, Swenson’s, Culver’s

Guests: Alvin Cailan, David Kocab, Brett Sawyer and Vince Thomascik

Guests: Alvin Cailan (left), David Kocab (middle), Brett Sawyer and Vince Thomascik (right)

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