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Attention chefs, meat geeks and foodies seeking beefy inspiration! Pull up a chair and have a seat at the table where meat speaks and culinarians converse. Tune in for carnivorous conversations, food trends, cooking advice from influential chefs, a bit of science, and a few facts about your favorite cuts of beef.

Chef Tony Biggs, Certified Angus Beef ® brand director of culinary arts, and Chef Liaison Bryan Schaaf slice into beef—and beyond—with the world’s greatest chefs, pit masters and meat scientists.

Meat Scientist Diana Clark joins the Meat Speak crew in season two. This brilliant beef geek adds a scientific approach to Chef Tony’s culinary prowess and Bryan’s focus on flavor factor.

Chef Tony Biggs, Bryan Schaaf and Diana Clark

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The Science Behind Dry Aging

Episode 5: The Great Sausage Discussion Part 2

World Sausage Champion Danielle Bennett, AKA Diva Q, stops by to talk about her back-to-back perfect scores in sausage at the American Royal...


The Great Sausage Discussion Part 1

Episode 4: The Great Sausage Discussion Part 1

Pitmaster/owner Arnis Robbins from Evie Mae’s Pit BBQ near Lubbock (and member of the Texas Monthly Top 50 list) sits down to talk about...


Beef Cut Secret Levels

Episode 3: Beef Cut Secret Levels

Bryan, Tony and Diana sit down to discuss lesser-known cuts of beef that, for the most part, can only be procured by...


London Broiled

Episode 2: London Broiled

Chef Tony, Diana and Bryan rifle through a bevy of confusing names for beef cuts, adding clarity and...


Nuts on Clark

Episode 1: Nuts on Clark

In the biggest cliffhanger since Who Show J.R., the new co-host of the podcast is unveiled in the form of...


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Chef Tony Biggs

Director of Culinary Arts

From crooning for customers as a singing waiter in his father’s restaurant to serving as executive chef for Jordan’s royal family, Chef Tony Biggs has lived a culinary lifestyle like no other. His journey has taken him around the globe numerous times, but his appetite for tasty experiences continues to grow.

Chef Tony’s love for cooking and travel began during his education at The Culinary Institute of America. He has worked at Casino 5-Star Resorts in the Philippines, the Tokyo American Club in Japan, and at Hyatt Hotels in the U.S. and the Caribbean.

Today, Chef Tony brings his unique style, flavors and cooking techniques to every dish he serves to Certified Angus Beef ® brand guests. He is thrilled to share those same passions with "Meat Speak" listeners.

Bryan Schaaf

Chef Liaison

Bryan Schaaf describes himself as the Forrest Gump of the culinary world. His penchant for being in the right place at the right time has helped him open countless doors for the Certified Angus Beef ® brand. And let’s be honest—it’s garnered him some mighty fine meals, too!

Natural curiosity, paired with his journalism skills, has provided Schaaf with opportunities to enjoy tasty experiences even a chef could envy. Schaaf has felt the heat of the moment while cooking at The James Beard House in New York City; trimmed Certified Angus Beef ® brand briskets with iconic pit masters in the scorching Texas heat; and cracked a beer with some of the greatest chefs in the country. It’s no surprise Schaaf is excited to bring his network’s knowledge and expertise to “Meat Speak” listeners.

Diana Clark

Meat Scientist

Diana Clark could have many titles: Event manager. Beef expert. Teacher. No matter where one lands, this Chicago native knows, and loves, meat. She understands how to share that knowledge, too. Like her partner in The Culinary Center’s Meat Lab, and in life, Dr. Daniel Clark, Diana is in her happy place when there’s meat to be cut, ground and packaged, and while developing high-impact training for retailers, butchers, distributors and chefs.

For this meat master, the science behind the sizzle has been a defining force in her life. While working toward her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in animal science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Diana worked in the meat lab, participated on the meat judging team, instructed meat science classes and coached meat evaluation teams. Prior to joining The Culinary Center, she gained experience with Sara Lee, and in quality and safety compliance at Ohio Farms Packing. Today, she continues to teach and mentor students at The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute.

Whether she’s breaking down subprimals, experimenting with beef cuts on the smoker or developing unique beef sausage blends, guests at The Culinary Center will appreciate her signature blend of skill, science, creativity and humor.

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