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How to Pan Sear and Pan Roast Beef

Pan searing is an excellent alternative to grilling steak. High heat creates a seared crust that seals in juices and cooks from the outside in. It is an ideal cooking method for thin-sliced steak or other thin cuts of beef. Pan searing should be done in a heavy-bottomed pan, such as cast iron, over medium to high heat.

Pan Roasting
Is ideal for larger steaks and small roasts – think ribeye, porterhouse, Chateaubriand, tenderloin. It is different from the pan searing method because the pan is used to develop a sear on the stove. It is then put into the oven to gently cook the steak throughout.

  • Use a heavy-bottomed pan, such as cast iron
  • Medium to high heat will sear the steak to create crust
  • To pan roast, sear; then place in oven to finish cooking

Pan searing is a quick and easy method for preparing thin-cut steaks or cuts of beef. High heat on a cast iron surface sears the beef – creating a crust similar to grilling. It’s a shortcut to grilled flavor {almost} and texture.

Take pan searing one step further! Sear the beef in a heavy-bottomed pan such as cast iron, then place in the oven to gently finish cooking. This method is ideal for thicker steaks and small roasts like tenderloin.

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