Ribeye on fries

Hooray for Grilling Season!

From marinades to seasonings, this is the year to wow family and friends with zesty new flavors and great tasting beef. Don’t hold back — master the grill with non-traditional beef cuts and bold new twists.

Flat Iron

Flat iron – the second-most tender cut of beef, it comes from the chuck and is also known as “top blade.” Salt and pepper required, or pair it with a rub – like the Asian spice rub – to impart great flavor.

Flank Steak

Flank steak – a thinner cut of beef easily handles bold marinades and distinct seasoning profiles. Best served when cooked to medium rare (145° F) and thinly sliced against the grain of the beef. A lean cut great for grilling. Be bold and try delicious blueberry marinade.

Top Sirloin

Top sirloin – traditional steakhouse cut well-suited for the grill. Great for steak or cubed and served as a kabob or satay. Try adding a new twist with a Mediterranean rub. Coffee, a main ingredient, enhances the beef’s naturally rich, robust flavor.

Beef-up Grilled Cuts

  • Spice rubs are used to impart flavor. Use on tender cuts like flat iron and top sirloin.
  • Add a rub just before grilling because salt in the rub will pull moisture from the beef.
  • Marinades are liquid seasonings with an acid base (like lemon juice or vinegar). They infuse flavor and help tenderize meat.
  • A marinade is applied to meat and refrigerated for several hours. Be sure to keep food safety in mind, by marinating in the fridge and discarding extra marinade after the beef is put on the grill.
  • Marinating time varies with the amount of acid used and the type of beef you choose. More acidic marinades require less time with the beef.
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