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Daniel Clark

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Knowledge of the science behind the brand’s 10 quality standards is essential for educating our Culinary Center visitors.

With a calm demeanor, charming smile and stockpile of extraordinary knowledge about everything from beef fabrication to the science of dry aging, Dr. Daniel Clark is always eager to throw on his lab coat and engage guests with hands-on training and beef facts. In the Meat Lab, Daniel focuses on the science behind high-quality Angus beef, and teaches foodservice, retail and restaurant partners all about it.

What’s your favorite day at work?

Education has been a big part of my life. I spent many years at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to earn my bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in animal science. Being able to share what I learned with others to assist their success is what I enjoy most. I also like that I get to learn from our guests and understand their specific needs.

Daniel and Diana
Daniel with a hand saw
Daniel with a hand saw
Daniel with cut of meat
Must have skill

A sharp, 6-inch boning knife. Keyword: sharp.

What led you to a meat science career?

It all started with my love for black-hided ruminants on my family’s farm in Illinois. Through caring for cattle and participating in cattle shows, my curiosity of the beef community continued to grow, along with my interests in math and science.

Those childhood passions led me to the university’s meat judging team. Following graduation, I moved to Wooster, Ohio, to complete my post-doctoral research at The Ohio State University (OSU). I worked there as an assistant professor, teaching meat science courses, leading research projects and developing a food-safety certificate program before joining my wife, Diana Clark, in the Meat Lab.

Daniel Clark
Must have equipment

The vacuum packager, because overwrapping doesn’t suck. (Pun intended.)

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