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Must have Technique

Sous vide perfectly cooks food. It’s versatile, complex and allows you to improve on traditional techniques.

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Bio Image

With an eye for presentation and taste, Chef Venoy Rogers III melds classic technique with innovation to create irresistible dishes. He has led 5-star hotel kitchens from his native Southern California to Miami, including the Grand Bohemian, B Resort & Spa, Palms Hotel & Spa and W San Diego. Always willing to learn and equally inspire, Chef Venoy makes dining an experience with his wealth of meat knowledge and practical applications for the menu.

Must Have Tool

A good, sharp chef’s knife is essential, right along with accomplished knife skills.

What inspiration guides your culinary perspective in the kitchen?

My mentor, Chef Andrew Black, taught me to respect the ingredients, traditional techniques and cooking methods, but also have fun and understand there are no rules. It may sound contradictory, but in my opinion, it’s the best influence for a well-rounded culinary point of view.

Must have ingredient

The three secrets of French cooking: butter, butter and more butter. It’s so delicious and versatile for cooking, finishing sauces and a sauce of its own.

What do you love most about food and being a chef?

My love for food begins with eating it. The expression and challenges of bringing each dish to the plate are also dear to my heart. Being able to make a dish the same way while changing it up enough each time to improve upon a recipe—it’s a constant evolution. I enjoy sharing with and learning from others too. What good is knowledge and experience if it’s not shared?

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