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Must have ingredients

Salt and pepper. Sure, it sounds simple, but they are essential to Brad and any other chef worth his or her salt!

Have you had any mentors that shaped the chef you are today?

After graduating from The Baltimore International Culinary College, I accepted an internship in Ireland under Master Chef Peter Timmons. He really encouraged me to continue to pursue my dream of creating culinary experiences full of taste, texture and visual balance. I became active in the American Culinary Federation, claimed top honors in numerous food shows and chef competitions, held positions at a variety of notable restaurants and resorts in the Southeastern United States, and even cooked for VIPs at the Masters Tournament before arriving at The Culinary Center.

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Featured Skill
Must have tool

Successful execution and memorable hospitality wouldn’t be possible without the entire Culinary Center team, according to Brad.

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What led you to pursue a culinary career?

I’m the son of a naval surgeon, so growing up, we never lived in one place long. The place I felt most at home was in my grandmother’s kitchen. I spent years watching her natural talent and saw that a good meal has the power to bring people together. My goal today is to make Culinary Center guests feel right at home through our hospitality.

Must have equipment

A pair of tongs. Maybe a fire extinguisher, too, should things ever get too hot to handle!

For Chef Brad Parker, “good” just isn’t good enough. It’s a spirit that comes to life each day at The Culinary Center, where he relies on his artistic intuition and appreciation for quality ingredients to create dishes that are a feast for all the senses.

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