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Get Stuffed!

Stuffed flank steak

Celebrate the season with flavorful fillings
November is infamous for stuffing - whether we’re fluffing our nest in anticipation of winter or filling our bellies with a harvest of savory flavors. Beef isn’t typically associated with stuffing, but Certified Angus Beef ® brand Chef Michael Ollier has created several rich and tasty beef dishes that will have you stuffing steak - and yourself - in no time. PDF DOC

Readin’, Writin’ … And a Really Good Time!

Filet mignon with side salad

Moms, celebrate a return to school days with a farewell-to-summer feast with friends
When the long, lazy days of summer give way to the more structured start of a new school year, the mood at your house may be one of resignation, of celebration - or both. Chances are, the parents are ready to return to a routine, however ambivalent the pupils may be. PDF DOC

Be a Backyard Burgermeister

Portabella swiss burger

Build your best burger with signature toppings and custom grinds
Every grilling guru has a signature entrée to impress guests – burgers often top the list. Forget secret ingredients and wild ideas, though. With a few tips and a trick or two you’ll be serving the best burgers on the block. PDF DOC

Rediscover Your Primal Side

Natural bone-in strip steak veggie mix

On Father’s Day or any day, enjoy a beefy bone-in steak
Take a step back in time and enjoy the smells and tastes that early man did – when foraging was a way of life and the only way to cook meat was over a roaring open flame with juices dripping off the bone. PDF DOC

Hey Ladies, It's Time For Some Grill Talk!

Beef kabob

Make this your season to sizzle with tempting recipes and expert tips
Grilling season is here and there’s no need to feel stricken over strip steaks or surly over top sirloin. It’s true – men are the self-proclaimed kings of the grill – but with a few recipes and tips from your grill friends you’ll be fired up in no time. PDF DOC

Fresh, Flavorful, Fabulous!

Mediterranean New York Strip

Enhance springtime dishes with herbs from your garden
Think spring and enjoy warmer weather, sunnier skies … and tastier meals. You’ll harvest numerous rewards by planting your own herb garden. The best part? It’s simple and doesn’t require a large investment – or space. A few small pots in a sunny windowsill are all flavor fanatics need to get growing. PDF DOC

A Savory Slice of Heaven

Beef pot pie

Delicious comfort food classics are as easy as pie
March 14 is known in some circles as "Pi Day" - 3.14, get it? - but don’t worry if you prefer good food to junior-high math. It’s still a great time to beat the lingering winter chill with a hearty, home-style meal. PDF DOC

A Valentine’s Feast for Two

Steak au poivre

Prepare a mouthwatering, romantic dinner your dearest will love
Keep the romance close to home this Valentine’s Day and plan an intimate meal sure to satisfy your better half. PDF DOC

Getting Ready For The Big Game?

Classic beef stew

Be a champion in the kitchen with these hearty, aromatic meals
Stewing over what to prepare for that crowd of hungry, howling, handkerchief-twirling football fanatics on Super Bowl Sunday? PDF DOC

How to Rule the Roast

Louis martini striploin roast

The feast of kings will delight your royal family this holiday season
Hear ye, hear ye! A delicious roast is what people look forward to most at a holiday dinner – and better yet, it’s also extraordinarily simple to prepare. PDF DOC

Wunderbar! Enjoy Robust German Flavors During Oktoberfest

German pot roast with ingredients

Premium Certified Angus Beef ® dishes make you the flavor-meister
For some, German dishes represent hearty family favorites that evoke the old country and their European heritage. Many others become "adopted" Germans during Oktoberfest, the autumn celebration that famously pairs the best Bavarian dishes with beers renowned worldwide. PDF DOC

Back to School, Back to the Table

Meatball sub

Flavorful, easy meals are the recipe for renewed family connections
Back-to-school time kicks off a new year for kids and a fresh start in the classroom. The promise of new friends, new discoveries and new skills is an opportunity for family resolutions, as well. PDF DOC

Burger Bash Patio Picnics

Burger pancetta

Get creative with complex flavors and unique burger toppings
July is National Picnic Month – a time to celebrate outdoor spaces, friendly faces and fabulous food. It’s also an ideal time to perfect your menu. PDF DOC

What's In a Name?


Great fathers, like great steaks, are called many different things
Whether you know him as Dad, Papa, Daddy, Father, Pop or even, affectionately, Old Man, one thing’s for sure: Father’s Day is the perfect time to thank him for all of the love, encouragement and support he’s given you over the years. PDF DOC

Summertime, And Grillin' Is Easy

Cowboy Ribeye

Satisfyingly simple meals your entire family will savor
The long Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kick-off to summer, and there’s no better way to mark the occasion than with a cookout featuring easy, flavorful dishes sure to please every member of your family. PDF DOC

Take Five This Cinco de Mayo

Ranchero Rub

Just a handful of ingredients will bring great flavor to your fiesta
Preparing for an authentic South-of-the-border Cinco de Mayo fiesta doesn’t have to leave you wanting a siesta. These simple, savory, satisfying dishes take only a few minutes – and five ingredients. PDF DOC

Make a Successful Reduction This New Year

Strip loin roast with red wine reduction bottle sliced

Resolve to try a flavorful twist on a healthful dish
With the New Year, many people will no doubt resolve – again – to make weight reduction their No. 1 goal. It’s a noble endeavor, but anyone who’s been there and tried that knows it doesn’t always go as planned. PDF DOC

Tis the Season for Great Taste

Sirloin empanadas

Easy economical appetizers for holiday entertaining
Tis the season of thankfulness and giving. Most want to give the best they can, despite challenging economic times. It’s the perfect time to give from the heart and cook up something special to share with family and friends. PDF DOC

Take It Slow...and Take It Easy

Hyde park chili

Slow cookers deliver simple, delicious family meals
A hearty, satisfying, wholesome family dinner doesn’t have to require hours of time in the kitchen. PDF DOC

Frightfully Delicious

It's a mummy

Scare tactics get kids in the kitchen
The kitchen may be mom’s hallowed ground, but these recipes give kids a chance at culinary creativity. They’re sure to delight – not frighten – your little monsters this Halloween. PDF DOC

Leftovers = Lavish Lunches

Kid BBQ beef wrap

Delight your lunch bunch with rich flavor and vibrant color!
You and your children may be brown bagging it these days, but lunch doesn’t have to be boring. Forego the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for simple, tantalizing foods that add zip to the noon meal. PDF DOC

Grill Once, Eat Twice

Amer beef dip sandwich

Enjoy two (or more) easy family meals in one
When the ”dog days” of summer are upon us, there’s nothing better than grilling outdoors to keep the heat out of the kitchen. PDF DOC

The Great American Burger

Burger fries

Celebrate July 4 with our national summertime favorite
Behold the humble burger! While a few misguided food snobs may be quick to deride this simple masterpiece as mere “meat on a bun,” true aficionados know that a dish doesn’t need to be complicated to be sublime. PDF DOC

Beef up your Father's Day Celebration

Cowboy ribeye

Grilling tips help ensure a memorable meal for the man of the house
What better way to celebrate Dad on Father's Day than with a robust, hearty, mouthwatering steak? For many guys, the thrill of the grill is second to none. PDF DOC

Tickle Your Taste Buds This Grilling Season

Herb flatiron red wine sauce

Kick off grilling season with a bit of flair and new recipes touting tantalizing taste
From marinades to seasonings, this is the year to “wow” family and friends with zesty new flavors and great tasting beef. PDF DOC

Great Friends, Fabulous Flavor

Bourbon steak

Celebrate spring with a girlfriends’ gathering
Gather your closest friends for a spring fling honoring warmer weather and sensational flavors. Fresh, high-quality ingredients are key to turning a simple lunch date into an affair to remember. PDF DOC

Twist on Traditional

Tortilla lasagna

Comfort food doesn't have to be boring...
especially when you can turn traditional Italian into mouthwatering Mexican with a few key ingredients. PDF DOC

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