Simply natural. Simply delicious. Simply natural. Simply delicious. Simply natural. Simply delicious.

Never given antibiotics

Never given additional hormones

Never fed anything but a 100% vegetarian diet

Cattle traceable to place of birth


Simply raising natural expectations

The things that run the deepest are simple. Things like integrity and pride. Intent. Vision. And the Certified Angus Beef  ® brand Natural* program reflects that simplicity and honesty. Family farmers and ranchers dedicate their lives to something bigger, and deeper, than pristine landscapes, green acres and contented cows. They choose to raise the very best beef, naturally. This daily commitment isn’t idealistic – it’s the ideal for natural beef.

Unwavering passion runs deep in these families building their legacy for the next generation. It’s apparent in the superior beef they raise without the use of antibiotics or additional hormones, and by only feeding a vegetarian diet. It’s this caretaking, this simple commitment, which not only sustains their family, but also delivers the exceptional beef you love, naturally, to your table.

Cattle are:

  • Never given antibiotics
  • Never given additional hormones
  • Never fed anything but a 100% vegetarian diet
  • Traceable to place of birth

Naturally high standards:

  • Systems ensure beef quality and production claims
  • Beef must meet the brand's 10 quality standards

*No artificial ingredients, minimally processed
It’s the best, quality, natural beef from the brand consumers trust.

Natural beef of the highest quality

In addition to meeting high standards for the brand’s Natural program, beef must also pass 10 quality standards to earn the Certified Angus Beef  ® brand’s name. These standards – the cornerstone of the brand for nearly 40 years – ensure the highest quality in every cut, delivering consistency in sizing and unparalleled flavor, juiciness and tenderness in every bite.

Traceability ensures integrity

Through a series of affadavits, ranchers document the cattle’s journey, creating a system traceable to place of birth. Once cattle are fully grown and harvested, they are evaluated by independent USDA graders, allowing only the best natural beef to earn the brand’s Natural label.

For the love of beef

The love behind the Certified Angus Beef  ® brand didn’t end with the family farmers and ranchers who started the program back in 1978; instead, it has evolved into a nationwide community of ranchers working day-in and day-out to continue satisfying beef-loving folks. These ranchers have always taken pride in caring for their cattle, their land, and sustaining the ranching way of life – and their dedication and hard work is evident in every bite of beef on the plate. And out of this love, this dedication, came the brand’s Natural line: a program introduced in 2004 for consumers who prefer naturally raised beef.

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