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Our approved suppliers are critical links for ensuring product quality and integrity to your door. Along with our staff, their trained consultants can assist you with marketing, merchandising and business growth strategies.

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Cargill Food Distribution - Tracy CA

1400 N Macarthur Dr

Ste 6

Tracy, CA 95376-2837

Map Website

CAB Contact:

Guy Milam

208-468-0233 - office

208-468-9196 - fax


Facciola Meat Company

PO Box 14160

Fremont, CA 94539-1360

Map Website

CAB Contact:

Osvaldo Parra

510-438-8671 - office

510-498-1909 - fax


AC Foods International, LLC

9100 S. Dadeland Blvd. 1500

Miami, FL 33156


CAB Contact:

Doug Davis

954-876-3000 - office

954-876-3279 - fax